Forms may be brought in to the schools prior to your child's start date or as updates are needed.


Forms Required for ALL Enrollments:


Fairfield Registration


Shelton Registration


Tuition & Policy Agreement


New Child Information


Health Immunization Record


Medical Information Form


Classroom Information Form


Forms for Infant & Toddlers Only:


Infant & Toddler Routines



For Your Convenience:

Optional Pick-Up Permission

If you would like to grant permission for someone other than a parent to pick-up your child routinely or as needed.


Prescription Medication Authorization

Requires doctor’s signature.


Non-Prescription Topical Medications

Topical application for diaper rashes, sun screen and teething gel. Parent signature only please. Any Topical Creams that have Antibiotics or Medication in the description (even over the counter) will need a Prescription Medication Authorization form signed by the doctor.