A Child's Garden offers Enrichment Programs to our Toddlers, Three, Four and Five Year olds depending on the activity. The following programs are offered in sessions at different times throughout the year.


The programs that are offered throughout the year are, Spanish/French lessons, Computer Tots lessons, Tennis, Gym on Wheels, Soccer and Karate. Listed below is some information about each Enrichment Program. Please call each school to see which ones are being offered at this time.


LiteraKid's foreign language programs provide your child with the most advanced learning methods available and are guaranteed to produce results. The language program is offered for a half an hour once a week. Class sizes are limited to 6 children and grouped by age and proficiency level.


The Computer Tots Program offers a robust curriculum with small classes of no more than 4 children once a week. The curriculum integrates the use of technology peripherals in subject areas. Most importantly the program offers the children a fun experience.


The tennis lessons work on hand/eye coordination, agility and the introduction of tennis skills in a fun environment. The forehand, backhand and volley are introduced along with a variety of fun games to reinforce skills. Quick start teaching methods are used along with junior nets and special tennis balls specifically designed for the young player.


Soccer lessons will have your child learning through specialized games that allow the participants to develop their hand-eye coordination, balance and footwork. The instructors work hard to build players physical, intellectual and emotional foundation. Classes also focus on the importance of playing and interacting with peers so that young ones start to understand the importance of team work. One of the main curriculum points is to make certain that every class is kept fun and that the players fall in love with sports.


Gym On Wheels age appropriate classes for toddlers and preschool/pre-k that incorporate stretching exercises, aerobics to music, gymnastic skills, games and lots of fun.