What is your policy regarding sick children?

Sooner or later all children will become ill. As a parent you will want to have alternative plans so you will be prepared when this occurs.


Our health policy is based upon state regulations, the physical and emotional welfare of your child and the physical and emotional welfare of other children.


Whenever possible, please give your child some extra time for recovery. Even a shortened stay on the first day back pays off in the long run as children have a better chance at a full recovery. We recognize that when your child is ill, it creates additional stress for your family and you may be forced to take time off from work; however, the extra time may help prevent future illness.


It is not acceptable to give a child a fever reducing medication and then bring them into school. If your child has a fever they must remain home until they are fever free for 24 hours. We go outside everyday, our position is that if children are too ill to go outside they are too ill to be at school.


What is your policy on discipline?

“ Discipline is a slow, bit-by-bit time consuming task of helping children to see the sense in acting in a certain way” ~ Dr. James Hymes


We recognize that young children are learning self-control and the ability to interact with peers and adults on a daily basis. We believe that self-discipline is best and we have established our environment to encourage children to develop respect for others, self-control and social adjustment.


Staff is expected to:

  • Recognize and reinforce positive behaviors
  • Redirect children to choose alternative choices (This is especially important with infants and young toddlers)
  • Initiate problem solving, determine and discuss appropriate behaviors with older toddlers and pre-school children.


At times children are unable to control their behavior and it may be necessary to provide a separate activity away from the group until the child is calm. Teachers will sit with and talk with older toddlers and preschoolers helping them to recognize and verbalize their feelings.


Will you prepare my child for kindergarten?

We work with the school systems for all of our locations and our curriculum meets the Connecticut Benchmarks for preschoolers.


Do you have parent/teacher conferences?

Conferences are scheduled at various times of the year. Parents are welcome at any time to schedule a conference with their child’s teacher to discuss their child’s progress or any concerns you they have. Teachers may also request a conference if they feel that one on one conversation about the child would be helpful. We ask parents not to have lengthy conversations in the classroom with the teacher and in front of the children.


Will my child need to take a nap?

In accordance with state regulations each child will be provided with his/her crib or age appropriate size cot. Infants and Tiny Tots will sleep according to their individual schedules. Toddlers, three, four and five year olds will have a group rest period for a minimum of one hour. Toddlers needing an earlier rest time or two naps will be given the opportunity to do so. We discourage parents from asking us to wake children before they are ready, as they need the rest after their busy morning. When we wake children early, they are often tearful and this usually makes their afternoon very difficult. This can also be disruptive to other children. Although your child may not nap at home you may find that they will nap at school after their busy morning. We do not require that children sleep and children who do not fall asleep will be provided books or a quiet activity after an appropriate rest period.


Does my child have to be potty trained to start in the 3 year old program?

Our three year old program recognizes that toilet learning is a milestone that not every child meets at the same age. With that in mind we accept children into our program that have not fully met this milestone. It is not the position of the school to teach the children toilet skills but to support the efforts made by the parents at home.


Does your school accept Care 4 Kids?

Our school does accept payment for tuition from Care 4 Kids. Parents are responsible for any balance due in tuition as well as registration fees. If Care 4 Kids discontinues it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school and make arrangements for tuition payments.

Please click on the following link to find the paperwork you will need to apply for this program, www.ctcare4kids.com